Can you tell me a little more about your android wallet creation services?

This service will fork from a bitcoinj and bitcoin-wallet fork that was designed to make it easy to adapt to scrypt coins.  SHA-256 coins can also be made.  Other proof of work coins such as those used by Quark, SecureCoin and MemoryCoin will require much more work to create an android wallet.  Besides the coding, we can do simple graphics creation for the icons and the app and we can list the app on our Google Play account.  We also offer help to other developers who are getting their feet wet in android wallet development.

Did you work with Crypto-Expert with his digitalcoin Wallet?

Yes, we were able to update the original litecoin based code for the digitalcoin Wallet that was on Google Play.  After this we, independently, decided to fork the bitcoin app to digitalcoin, while making it more simple to adapt to other coins.

Is it a light wallet or do you have download the whole blockchain on your phone?

It is a light wallet or more specifically a SPV (simple payment verification) wallet, which only downloads the block headers to the phone.  The app will communicate with other peers to get transaction information for any received or spent coins from the phone.  Unlike the desktop client for a coin, this app does not download the entire connects of the blockchain, which would include all transactions for each block.

Did you port bitcoinj?

Yes, we are porting from bitcoinj 0.11, even though that is still a work in progress.  We may eventually have the option of downgrading to 0.10.3 if we determine it works better.

Which Difficulty Adjustment Algorithms do you have available in Java?

  1. Linear (Bitcoin / Litecoin).  Most coins use a variation of this.
  2. Freicoin
  3. Kimoto Gravity Well (from Megacoin).  It is also used in Franko and MemoryCoin 2.0.
  4. PPcoin

Can you make a wallet for a Proof of Stake coin?

At this time, no.  Much work is required in modifying bitcoinj to support Proof of Stake.

What wallets have you made that we can check out?

  1. digitalcoin – Not yet available on Google Play
  2. Franko https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hashengineering.franko.wallet
  3. unfinished wallet 1
  4. unfinished wallet 2

Can you customize the interface?

To a limited Degree.  Currently, we know how to change some of the colors.