Monthly Archives: January 2014

Quark Wallet?

A request was made for a Quark wallet.  After that we considered a SecureCoin wallet.  Both use the same six hash functions (blake*, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak* (SHA-3) and skein*).  Currently only three have existing Java code as far as we can tell.  If anyone knows about the other three hash functions, let us know.  At this point a Quark or SecureCoin Wallet is not possible.

Franko Update includes Kimoto Gravity Well

The recent Franko update ( will switch to the Kimoto Gravity Well difficulty adjustment algorithm first used in Megacoin.

Unfortunately there will be a drawback for the Franko Android Wallet App.  The syncing of the blockchain will be slower than with the previous difficulty adjustment code after block 400,000.  This is primarily a result of having to adjust the difficulty after every block.

There are parts of the code of the app that can slow down downloading the blockchain.  The first is verifying the hash of each block.  The second is verifying the difficulty of each block.  Currently, the code for the scrypt hash function is executed natively (not in java) which provides significant speed advantages.  We are hoping that we can optimize the Kimoto Gravity Well in Java so it does not become a bottleneck in the app performance.

Hash Engineering Solutions Founded

Hash Engineering Solutions was founded in late October 2013 after seeing a post asking for help to fix the digitalcoin Android Wallet.

On November 17, 2013, the first post was made on to advertise the Android Wallet Creation Service for cryptocurrencies.

This website was establish in January 2014 in an effort to further market our services.