Create an Android Wallet

This will detail the process of creating an Android Wallet for a coin using the client source code of the coin and a our custom fork of the bitcoin-wallet and bitcoinj (or the actual bitcoinj or bitcoin-wallet).  In this example, the coin will be called my_coin.

This information is out of date.  There are no plans at this time to update it.

Step 1: Prerequisites

ADK – Android Development Kit –

NDK – Native Development Kit (optional) –

GitHub / git

Intellij IDEA –

Maven –

Online Accounts

GitHub – – Free

Google Play – – $25 to set up Google Play account

Forking the Necessary Repositories

Go to Forking BitcoinJ. This process will fork the bitcoin library for any coin.

Go to Forking Bitcoin Wallet. This process will aid in the forking of the bitcoin wallet app, which uses the bitcoinj library.